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"The whole cast is good."
-Terra King
(Four of Five Star Review)

"I enjoyed it... a really fun time."
-Candice Lepage
Limited Release Podcast
"The characters are great."
-Elisar Cabrera
"Good comedy.  Be sure to tune in!"

Six Figures - Minisode "Odd Jobs"

Tucker tries to land a new job.

“I’m very skeptical of web series comedies because they’re a dime a dozen.  You can’t throw a virtual stone out there without hitting a web series comedy because everyone thinks they’re so funny, but this one actually is.  Refreshingly funny.”
-Nick Montgomery
Limited Release Podcast

"An enjoyable show.  I certainly recommend you check it out."
-John Atkins

Six Figures
An Original Comedy Web Series

Six friends (an actor, comedian, filmmaker, musician, model and writer) chase
their dreams while enduring ridiculous odd jobs in the bizarre and dysfunctional
city known as Hollywood.